Joining the Business Travel Network is a great idea for any employer within the Business Travel Network area.  It's not only beneficial for the employer but for the employees too.

Members of the Business Travel Network commit to be developing and delivering a  Travel Action Plan.
Members receive help to carry out a site audit to identify onsite and local infrastructure as well as carrying out a Staff Travel Survey to find out how their staff travel and why they travel in that way.

The results of the site audit and travel survey are then analysed and a Travel Action Plan is drawn up for the business to implement.

As soon as the business signs up to be a member they achieve the first step of the
 Accreditation Scheme.

Businesses receive their accreditation Scheme Certificate at an annual Awards Ceremony.

It's really simple to join the Business Travel Network, simply give us a call on 01202 454922 or e-mail us at info@businesstravelnetwork.org