Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Sustainable Travel Grants now available to BTN members in the Bournemouth area

Capital grants are available to support businesses in the Bournemouth area with sustainable travel schemes. Businesses must already be a member of the Business Travel Network to qualify.  Grants can be used for infrastructure and facilities projects to support sustainable travel…But be quick, the closing date for applications is 31 January!

Ideas of what funding could be used for: 

  • cycle parking facilities
  • lockers, showers and drying facilities for staff who walk/run/cycle to work
  • car parking alterations to create dedicated car share spaces
  • purchase of lease bikes / electric bikes to set up a pool bike scheme, for business travel
  • Installation of EV charging points
  • purchase and install teleconferencing facilities and software to reduce business travel
  • Lighting/Security improvements on walking and cycling routes within your property

To qualify for a grant:

  • you must already be a member of the Business Travel Network.
  • your business premises must be located within the Bournemouth Borough Council boundary. 
  • the project should support and encourage staff, customers and visitors to travel sustainably
  • your request for a grant should be within the range of £500 up to £5000.  If you have a capital project idea over £5000 please contact us ASAP to discuss your project further. 
  • you must agree to help Bournemouth Borough Council and the Business Travel Network carry out a staff travel survey or supply travel to work data for your staff if requested

You will also need to:

  • submit an official claim form (including invoices and accompanying documentation) no later than 43 days from notification of the grant being awarded. 
  • provide photographic evidence of the completed scheme and simple information about its impact (to be agreed at grant award)
  • credit Bournemouth Borough Council on any marketing or promotion of the scheme
  • agree to such press/social media releases that the council uses to promote the grant scheme


Match funding

As a condition of the Bournemouth Sustainable Travel Grant scheme, your organisation should consider offering appropriate additional sustainable travel initiatives or facilities in return for the funding.  If possible these initiatives or facilities should relate to the project in your grant application, however, suitable proposals that do not relate directly to the project will still be considered. Although applications are not required to include a financial commitment, greater weighting will be given to applications that include an element of financial commitment. 

Examples of suitable non- financial match commitments are:
  • Cycle training sessions for your staff
  • Running and promotion of a Workplace Cycle Challenge
  • Provision of cycling facilities
  • Dr. Bike sessions (bike maintenance and repair)
  • Working at home opportunities or flexible working hours
  • Production of, or update to, your Travel Plan
  • Car-share website
  • Personalised Travel Planning Sessions to support your staff in planning their individual journeys to work
  • Hosting a Local Sustainable Travel Event, such as a ‘bikers’ breakfast’ for staff who cycle to work, or a car share coffee morning for staff to meet car share partners.

 What happens next?

  • you will get an acknowledgement email upon receipt of your application
  • forms will then be assessed based on how the proposed project meets our objectives and how much match funding is proposed
  • we will aim to get back to you within one week of the closing date

Submit your application

Please submit your application by Tuesday 31 January 2017. Submissions received after this date will not qualify for the grant.

All capital work must be completed, grants claimed and evidence submitted by Wednesday 22 March 2017.

If you have any questions, please contact the BTN team.